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The three little ducks went on a picnic...

The four little ducks went on a picnic...


By: Oscar Verplak from Fat Cat University

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, where are you?
All day long, I've waited for you.
When you come home, I'll greet you with hug.
I hope it will make you smile especially when you're sad.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, how's your day?
Have you seen the kangaroos hopping away?
Can I be with you in the farm one day?
To help you build our house in my own little way.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, thanks for loving me.
Thank you for the fish and the home you have given me.
You are indeed my daddy that I love among the rest.
I wish you to be happy cause for me you are the best.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, sleep well tonight
I'll be beside you, everything will be alright.
You are not alone, I am here to stay.
You and me, together come what may.

(Leah Mirafuente - August 2014)

Farmer Toon